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5 Things to Ask Your Attorney When You Get into An Accident

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5 Things to Ask Your Attorney When You Get into An Accident


Consulting an attorney is the best decision you can make when planning out legal actions. Especially when you get into an accident or an incident that caused personal injury, your decisions must always be rational and objective. Getting some professional insight will go a long way in helping you decide if you should pursue your case.

Your lawyers can predict how long such a case would go, inform you of the costs associated with your lawsuit and the compensations you can expect. With this information, you can make a better legal decision, one that is best suited to your interests.

To that end, some questions you should consider asking your lawyers are:

1. Do I Have A Valid Claim?

Lawsuits aren’t actually about getting compensation. Getting paid after winning your cases is actually just a consequence of establishing the validity of your injury claims. Your lawyers won’t argue over whether you should be compensated, they’ll actually argue over whether you were injured and decide the extent of your injury. Once these questions have been answered, you will then receive your compensation by extension of their arguments.

Speaking to an attorney before you file a complaint will help you assess whether your claims are strong enough to stand in court. If your lawyer agrees with you, only then should you pursue your lawsuit.

2. How Long Will The Trial Take?

Knowing how long a trial takes will mentally prepare you for a potentially drawn out legal battle.  An experienced attorney can judge how difficult the case will be to prove and will advise you on the best course of action. In light of the evidence and witnesses, they can assess how strong a case you have and how easily it’ll be accepted.

3. What Is the Process Of Filing A Case?

Filing a case is a bureaucratic nightmare. A legal expert can explain to you what you will need to expedite your filing process. Getting your homework done before you file a case will make the whole exercise a lot easier and your lawyer is your best resource. Sometimes they’ll even handle the filing process for you.

4. What Will The Trial Process Be Like?

The discovery process and the trial itself might involve having a magnifying glass place on your life. The defending lawyers will try to break you down with harsh depositions or asking you to testify in court. Preparing your answers and approach with your lawyer can help deal with any attacks the opposing side throws at you.  It will also help decide whether you want to bear through the process

5. How Much Compensation Can I Get?

Having a goal in mind, before you begin your trial can give you some understanding of whether you should go for a trial. A good lawyer can give a good estimate of your compensations that will tell you how much your efforts will be worth. This estimate should also tell you the skill of your lawyer and putting a number on your claims is a clear marker of how valid your own beliefs about your injuries are.

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