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5 Things Your Attorney Must Tell You Before A Personal Injury Lawsuit

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5 Things Your Attorney Must Tell You Before A Personal Injury Lawsuit


Dealing with legality is a very frustrating experience. The bureaucratic red tape and the civil lawsuit procedure can be a major hassle. But it’s also something that you need to get done. After all, you’ve suffered from major financial and potential physical harms because of someone else’s carelessness. Personal injury lawsuits is your one chance to have your pain redressed to you satisfaction.

When pursuing such a case, there are some things that your attorney must tell you. It is better to walk into these things prepared than to be caught in the headlights like a deer. These things are:

1. Discovery Can Be Painful

Discovery is the part of a civil process when all the parties in a lawsuit share evidence with each other. This means you will need to have all relevant documents, witnesses and any other information close at hand. If you ever get into a lawsuit, make sure you have all these documents somewhere around so that you don’t compromise your case in case you can’t locate all the info.

Sometimes people are also deposed to get information relevant to the case. These exercises are sometimes designed to break down a defendant or an accuser to take the case back. Be mentally prepared for some intense grilling. If you lawyer is any good, he will handle it but you should not back down in the face of any bullying.

2. Sometimes You Should Just Take The Offer

Although most civil lawsuits are resolved before they even get to trial and the filer goes home happy, sometimes the settlement amounts don’t seem to be enough. When faced with such a situation always try to weigh the benefits of settlement with those of going to trial.

Most times trials can be long and drawn out. They also actually hit your pockets pretty hard. So if you feel like it, just take the offer.

3. Know When To Fold… And When Not To

It might be a good decision to back off sometimes, but there are cases where you might just want to take the accused to court. Sometimes when you go up against an insurance company or some really rich person, they will short sell you.

If you have a good enough case, you should probably follow through with the case to get the most out of your lawsuit.

4. It Is Possible To Challenge A Court Decision

Look, sometimes your trials do not turn out the way you want. In these situations, you should know that the decision can be overturned if you feel strongly enough about your case. Your attorney can appeal for a retrial or for the decision to be overturned if you are not satisfied with how the trial went down.

5. Lawsuits Are Suspenseful

Civil lawsuits come with their ups and downs. There will be moments when you feel like you have no chance at winning or at a settlement, but at others you will feel sure that you will get paid. In either scenario, it’s important to remember that this is about justice and you deserve it.

Just because it seems like it won’t turn out a certain way does not mean that you give it up altogether.

Mark Novinsky is a veteran personal injury lawyer in Massachusetts. With 17 years of legal experience with automobile car accidents, Mark has helped many clients receive due compensation for the hardships they have suffered. Call today for legal consultation or for legal representation in your personal injury lawsuits in Brockton and South Easton with Mr. Novinsky today!

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