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Auto Accidents: 5 Common Types of Reckless Driving

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Auto Accidents: 5 Common Types of Reckless Driving

Auto Accidents: 5 Common Types of Reckless Driving

6 million car accidents are reported on average in the United States every year. Most auto accidents are preventable if drivers adhere to safety rules and traffic laws.

Despite fines, tickets, and even sentences, reckless driving is rampant in the US, with 91% of American adults admitting to being distracted while driving a vehicle. Here are five common types of reckless driving mistakes that lead to auto accidents.

Distracted Driving

Operating a vehicle while performing a side activity, such as eating, drinking, or texting can divert the attention of a driver away from the road, which may lead to a tragic accident.

As a matter of fact, simply conversing with fellow passengers can shift the driver’s focus away from the road and impact their ability to drive safely. In many cases, all it takes is a few seconds of attention away from the road, and the next thing you know; you’re involved in an accident.


Driving faster than the road conditions or speed limits permit, make it difficult for drivers to react fast enough to apply brakes or avoid an obstacle on the road, increasing the chances of an auto accident.


Tailgating is when a driver follows a vehicle too closely while not leaving enough space to apply brakes safely if the vehicle in the front stops abruptly.

In order to maintain a safe distance, you should use a 2-second rule, which means the time difference between your vehicle and the front vehicle should be at least 2 seconds.

Ignoring the recommended safe distance and leaving too little space from the front vehicle can lead to a rear-end crash and result in severe injuries.

Improper passage

There are several restricted areas on the road such as no-passing zones and lanes, usually instituted due to broken infrastructure, dangerous curves, or poor weather conditions, or other reasons.

Violating the law and entering those prohibited areas can be extremely dangerous and reckless, and ultimately lead to a devastating accident.

Weaving In and Out

Weaving in and out is a form of aggressive and reckless driving where a driver swerves between lanes to bypass regular traffic without giving turn signals.

A person found weaving in and out can be held negligent as it’s an illegal way to drive a vehicle and can endanger other motorists as well as pedestrians.

Getting Compensated

If you’ve become a victim of a car accident due to the reckless and negligent driving of someone else, you should hire the services of an experienced auto accident injury attorney to obtain rightful compensation for the damage or injury.

An experienced auto accident injury lawyer will study your case, gather proof, and develop a strong case in your favor to get you compensation for your ordeal.

Using their experience and familiarity with the local laws, a proficient auto accident lawyer will help you to hold the reckless driver responsible for their actions and make sure that your rights remain protected throughout the trial process.

To find out more about the types of reckless driving or schedule a free case evaluation, get in touch with Mark Novinsky by calling us at 617-4-INJURY.

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