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Is It Better to Settle or Go to Trial After an Accident?

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Is It Better to Settle or Go to Trial After an Accident?

Is It Better to Settle or Go to Trial After an Accident?

A car accident that occurs due to the negligence of another driver can lead to you sustaining injuries. You may require medication, hospitalization, therapy, and even surgery; all of which can be extremely expensive. Furthermore, you’d have to take time off from work while you recover; which will result in loss of wages.

Therefore, it’s important that you seek compensation for your suffering by filing a lawsuit against the negligent party. When pursuing a legal claim, an extremely important factor that you must consider is whether you should settle the case or go for trial. This blog will help you decide between the two.

What the statistics say

In the United States, around 95% of personal injury cases—including auto accident cases—are settled pre-trial. Only one out of every 20 cases is resolved in a court of law. Plaintiffs tend to opt for settlement offers because trial battles can be extremely costly and time-consuming.

On the other hand, statistics show that more than 90% of cases that makes it to the trial process end in a victory for the plaintiff; which makes it seem like a more worthwhile option. However, the nature of each case is different and stats don’t tell the full picture; so it’s important to look at this matter from a more detailed perspective.

Things to Remember

Never accept the first settlement offer

Though you may be looking to obtain due compensation for your damages as soon as possible, it’s important that you never say yes to the first settlement that’s offered by the insurance company. It’s critical that you consider the total scope of your injuries and have legal representation to negotiate the best settlement offer.

You give away your right to pursue more money

Remember, when you accept a settlement offer, you surrender your right to pursue any additional compensation. If you develop serious medical complications and require additional treatment, you’ll have to bear the costs by yourself.

Doctor’s opinion matters

Though you can reliably calculate lost wages, determining medical costs can be quite tricky as some injuries don’t show up right away.

It’s important to discuss the nature of your injuries with your doctor to understand whether you’d require any further treatment in the future.

If there are chances that you may need additional treatment, you must factor in the associated costs when deciding whether you should settle or go for a trial.

Always consult a lawyer

When considering whether to go for a settlement offer or a trial, the opinion of your personal injury lawyer can be invaluable. Your attorney will gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

They’ll look at whether the evidence is strong enough, the strength of the defense counsel, and all the relevant facts and circumstances surrounding the case. They lower the chances of winning, higher the likelihood that they will settle.

Looking for an Experienced Auto Accident Injury Lawyer?

If you’ve suffered injuries from an auto accident and are looking for an experienced car accident lawyer in Brockton, MA to obtain rightful compensation, contact Mark Novinsky to understand your legal options.

Mark Novinsky will evaluate your case, inform you of its merits, and work towards getting you the highest compensation possible either via trial or a settlement, depending on the nature of your case. Moreover, he’ll ensure that your legal rights are respected throughout the case.

To learn more about how whether you should settle or go to trial or schedule a free evaluation of your case, get in touch with Mark Novinsky by calling at 617-4-INJURY.


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