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Personal Injury Lawyer Brockton

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Representing the interests of the Community

As citizens of the United States, it is your right to be protected against harms inflicted on you by your fellow citizens. Your equality to all other people in the community demands that you receive retribution for having been injured at the hands of another.

Attorney Mark Novinsky has 17 years of legal experience and has helped numerous people receive relief for the damages they have suffered. Attorney Mark Novinsky is one of the sharpest personal injury lawyers in the city. When it comes to helping you get your due compensation, Attorney Mark Novinsky considers it his duty as a legal representative to provide you only the best legal services and the highest payouts.

Unparalleled Litigation Skill and Legal Expertise

The personal injury settlement process requires shrewd negotiations. These cases require a high degree of due diligence to ensure that justice is served. Attorney Mark Novinsky handles your financial and legal interests as if they were his own. Attorney Mark Novinsky prides himself in the tenacity in which he pursues his cases.

Attorney Mark Novinsky works aggressively to get the highest insurance pay outs.

Call Attorney Mark Novinsky today at 617-4-INJURY for a free consultation for your personal injury in Brockton, MA. As a personal injury attorney, Attorney Mark Novinsky offers expert advice on your legal options and fights to get you just compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

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